Monday, May 22, 2017


...yay for me, I know.  But isn't that what blogging is all about?  The little victories?  Now what will I have to nag at me all these livelong days?
Of course, I cheated.  I started thumbing through the pages of Atarimania, looking under the category of "Arcade-Miscellaneous."  Never in a million years expecting to find it there.  I mean, after all, it's a side scroller, right?  It's a bit like Defender, n'est ce pas?  Except that you can only go right, and there are no people to save.  Okay, well, it's a bit like Air Strike, is it not?  Forgive me... Airstrike, but without the ability to shoot.  And to a lesser extent, the second level of Lunar Leeper.  Love that game., seriously.  No ability to shoot.  Even Vorrak / Zardon lets you shoot to a limited extent!
Okay, enough comparisons.  You get to the final part of the level... make sure to get enough fuel.  You'll figure it out... and THEN you finally get to shoot!  However, it's at this point that the game feels a bit unfinished.  Maybe that's the programmer's thing, I don't know.  The gimmick they're known for, if only in the database world.  I mean, hey, if they paid $39.95 back in the day for this one, why not the next, right?  And the next after that?  I tried to get to what seems like the game's conclusion, and poof.  Error message.  Error message in Atari emulator.  Always depressing when an emulation breaks down.  Or never starts, like Floyd of the Jungle!  I gotta play different games.  Bristles, too.  Bristles really REALLY doesn't work in emulation form.  Especially when you turn right.  Or maybe left.  If there's a way to play Bristles and not have to back out of a corner... AND THERE ISN'T... okay, on to next game.  Also, the reward structure of "Dark Star" is a little weird.  I mean, why should a person get points just for moving?  What is that?  That's just inflation!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Under Attack! Under Attack! My Facebook Account is Under Attack!

Whelp, it finally happened.  For those of you who've read this blog regularly... I've got one follower over here... RUSSIA!  Nope.  Didn't work.  They don't care for my take on video games, apparently.  Anyway, I consider myself something of a computer expert, even though my dad apparently would disagree with that.  Apparently I'm just a user of a computer.  But I do have Norton Anti-Virus, so I normally feel terribly safe as I go out there on the wild waves of the internet.  And I only recently learned that Zynga poker chips, while seemingly worthless at first glance, people can and do buy them with their credit cards.  And hackers are apparently almost as interested in stealing these Zynga poker chips as other Zynga poker players are.  Most players try to win them in fair contests, I'll give them that, but others use pics of bikini-clad girls to lure their victims.
...ooh!  Some use the chat window to sell their wares.  You go to a website like "" and find a simple two-field web page.  Guess what you have to enter?  That's RIGHT!  Your email and password!  Found that out the hard way.  Yes, I was just that naive.  Of course, the arms race is always on, and the hackers find new ways to do things.  They seem to have violated the sanctity of my Yahoo! Mail accounts, for example.  If I leave a Yahoo! Mail window open too long, I'll get back to it and find that I'm being prompted to save a new .js file.  That's JavaScript, for those of you who don't know.  Something ELSE I vowed to study once.  Another reason why I'll never get anywhere in life, either this or the next.  Of course, the .js file is always from some weird-ass webpage.  I forget the specific web address, but it always looks like someone just randomly clacked away on the keyboard and then eventually turned it into a bonafide web site.  Something like "a;oguihnxf;"  Well, the latest and greatest trick was a window that pops up while you're playing Zynga poker, and it says something about wanting you to call a 1-800 number, something like 1-855-255-****... I should of have written it down.  They seemed like they knew a lot more about me and the internet provider I have than the average hacker.  Oh well.  I should point out that my dad is actually the primary user of the poker account, but now that we've gone from about a billion and a half poker chips to EXACTLY 1 million, well... all bets are off.  He swears that he will never, ever, EVER play that Zynga poker EVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN.  Never, not once, not ever, never, ever again and that's final... unless I can get it working again?  No?  Sounds about right.  Two college degrees and he can't even get the computer to work.  Well, he will therefore NEVER EVER EVER EVER again play that Zanga poker... working yet?  No?  Figures.  OTHER dads are proud of their hacker sons!  Why can't mine have similar pride?  At all?
Anyway, I probably can't get into the specifics of how one goes about getting their Zynga account back........................ But more importantly, stay safe.  Watch out for those hackers.  They can only prosecute so many of them, you know.